Tim Marquis
Guitar and Vocals
 While in the Air Force, Tim learned how to play the guitar during his tour in Germany. When he arrived back home in Bullhead, he began playing in the local band STRANDED. After that band broke up, Tim moved to Southern California to work in construction. Tim pursued music in and around Hollywood and played in a few bands that got some local recognition on the Sunset Strip. Music and money in construction started to change so Tim moved back to Bullhead City  and started a few more bands. One of the bands, Gigbutt, started in 2000 and has been playing around the tri-state area on and off for the last 20 years. Tim is currently the praise band leader at Calvary Chapel in BHC.

George “Quikstiks”Padilla
Veteran musician George Padilla, from Southern California, has played in quite a few rock bands since the 80s. George has recorded originals, covers, TV jingles for Buick, Coors Light, One Life To Live and   Pee Wee Hermans Adventures.George has played in bands that have opened for – Great White, Cinderella, Faster Pussycat and The Pat Travers band just to name a few.=

Tom Sheridan
Bass Guitar and Vocals
Tom grew up in a big family In Northern California. His mother played piano and sung songs almost every day as Tom grew up. Tom is also one of the most versatile musicians you’ll ever meet. A student of guitar, keys, bass and whatever he gets his hands on, he’ll figure out how to play it. Tom played in his hometown praise band and continues to do so today in Bullhead City. Since the 90s Tom has played in many bands and by accident met Tim in Bullhead City while auditioning for another band and now he’s a member of Gigbutt.

Jon Ford
Lead Vocals
Originally from Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, Jon learned how to play the drums but quickly learned that he enjoyed singing more than drumming. A quick learner with a musical ear, Jon enjoys singing at home and at many karaoke contests. A mutual friend suggested Jon have a shot at singing in Gigbutt and the rest is history

Gigbutt band “live” video on Youtube
Gigbutt at Harrahs or https://youtu.be/_jWhp6m9OQs

Gigbutt’s Performance Starts In: